Organic shawl continues to grow . . . .

You didn’t know it was a shawl? Neither did I. It just started to evolve into one.

I took it out into the garden to photograph it and a robin found it all very interesting.

It’s freezing cold here although it has been a bright, sunny, happy day. I have the organishawl draped around my neck and shoulders and it is very comforting – I can see, or do I mean feel, why scarves are sometimes called comforters. The organishawl doesn’t want to grow at the moment. Are your creations like that? Do they co-operate sometimes and at other times behave in a very truculant way?


7 Responses to “Organic shawl continues to grow . . . .”

  1. Stacey Says:

    Why have I never seen your blog before? It’s fab!
    Stacey from UKWSD :)

  2. Stacey Says:

    Stacey Guthrie btw – not the other one – rofl!

  3. colin Says:

    amazing free form shawl. Knitting this must have given you a sense of freedom.

  4. pat winter Says:

    I love,adore,desire your organic shawl. Oh to have the talent to do this. The colors and texture are too die for. I want it real bad (((g)))
    Pat W.

  5. weavercherie Says:

    You are a truly creative artist. I like the way that the piece tells YOU what it is! That happens to me too. Getting cold here in Tasmania. Cherie J

  6. lilian from denmark Says:

    ohhhhhh, its wonderful…
    Your Blog is so inspiring…

  7. annette johnson Says:

    Thank you I think you work is so inspiring I am new to all of this and its opened up all sorts of thoughts. Thank you again

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