By public demand – More about the SHIBORI FELTING

Oh OK then, by Dawn rather than public demand …..
The original “fabric” was very loose knitted with fine (4 ply / fingering?) Shetland wool.
It was 3 times the width it ended up.

loosely knitted wool (NOT superwash) “fabric”
glass nuggetty things that you use in flower vases (mine were blue) or I believe pebbles / coins can be used
cling film / saran wrap cut into squares about 3 times the size of your nugetty things
rubber/elastic bands

Hold a glass thingy UNDER the fabric
grab it from the TOP
place cling film over top of fabric above glass thingy
wrap elastic band around cling film & fabric combined to trap glass nugget

repeat with more nuggetts + cling film + elastic bands probably in a RANDOW arrangement
to suit your eye

Put (now heavy) fabric in a net bag used for washing delicates or an old pillowcase (probably need to roughly sew this closed)
Put in washing with a small amount of washing powder & put through a washing cycle.
I put mine on 60deg – this may have been too long. 40deg quick cycle MAY have been better.

If you have a top-loader then of course you can open the machine and check progress.

When it came out of the washing machine it looked amazing. The edges of the cling film had been ripped during washing and was like thin pieces of ribbon floating from the “bubbles”. Some of the cling film overthe top of teh bubbles had worn through and the blue glass was glinting like bright blue eyes.

AND THEN I REALISED …… the nuggets were trapped!!! How on earth was I going to release them?
In a couple of places I had put a group of 5 or 6 nuggets all cuddled up together to make a giant bubble. I gently poked a small hole from THE BACK of the scarf and helped these to escape. With most of the small bubbles, I could encourage them to escape through the loose knitted wool fabric. I had to cut a tiny bit to allow a few of them to escape…

I wonder what the correct way of getting these out is? …… or did I imprison them too securely?

Dawn wanted to see the “bubbles” more closely. Apologies for blurry pics – i think I was a little TOO close.


4 Responses to “By public demand – More about the SHIBORI FELTING”

  1. feltedfibers Says:

    Ruth this is yummy!! I have had a play with nunofelt and a peice of wool jumper, these are on my blog but I like the effect of hand knitted because you can see more pattern where the resist has been.

  2. Flossie Says:

    Beautiful Ruthy. I’ve wanted to try shibori since I read an article in Interweave Knits last year. Another project for us to try when I’m home in a month or so.

  3. Seahorse Says:

    I like that! Very effective!

  4. Candie Says:

    hi-I just found your blog through Dawn’s. Love the Bubbles scarf. Very nice blog too!

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