Another one bites the dust? Not yet.

A touch of deja vu? Through the door just before six. Slim puffy white envelope lying on the floor. Ripping of aforementioned envelope reveals COSMETIQUE DE L’ENNEMI par Amelie Nothomb.
At one hundred and twenty pages this again is a very light read, so why haven’t I finished it yet? Well this book hasn’t yet been translated into English and so I am reading it in the version originale, in FRENCH!!! Mon Dieu!

So, I’m sure you will excuse me for only getting as far as page 30. As well as physically taking me longer to read it also requires the brain to work much harder and it is not as easy to filter out the normal sounds of family living. I could have carried on reading all night but it was the final episode of “Desperate Housewives” and I signed on the dotted line weeks ago to promise that I would watch every episode with the youngest offspring, snuggled up on the sofa together.

I’m not sure if I will try to read any pages on the train this morning. It could be disastrous. If I became too engrossed I could miss my station and find myself up in London with the grown-ups!


One Response to “Another one bites the dust? Not yet.”

  1. dovegreyreader Says:

    Zut alors, je suis tres impressed!

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