Invaders repelled

I’ve decided to go for the scorched earth policy where my front garden is concerned.
The reason for this is what I think is Geranium macrorrhizum with the common name of Bigroot Geranium. This is not the showy bright red lollipop flower that gets bunged into pots in Mediterranean lands this is the perennial geranium that is related, I think, to the cranesbill family.

If I tell you that the blurb about this plant suggests …

Division in spring or autumn. Very easy, virtually every bit of a divided plant, whether it has roots or not, will grow away and produce roots then I think you will understand how I have been fighting a running battle for the past few years.

I am definitely one of those people who advocates a “natural” looking garden if that means that I can look at it and have to do absolutely nothing. However, this thing has been threatening to cover the car, the house, hubby, rabbit and me and all in about the blink of an eye. Our front garden is mainly “crazy paving”. There are borders around the edge of the pocket handerkerchief-sized patch garden and what the previous encumbent called her “flower basket”. I have to confess that my mother and I succeeded in demolishing the handle of that monstrosity within a couple of years of us moving here. It is now just a circular bed in the middle.

Here are a few more pics to show you what I have done in my onslaught and what is still left to do.


One Response to “Invaders repelled”

  1. Dawn Says:

    That looks like SUCH hard work. I’ve done similar stuff before, so I know what a pain it can be!

    Could you send me an email at dlad.rjd at virgin dot net so that I can have your address again. And could you send me the URL for both freeform groups and the weaving and spinning group. I’m going to have to rejoin Yahoo under a different name, see my weblog for the details!

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