I’m warped!

Finally I’ve warped my 80 cm rigid heddle loom more or less properly.
I think that much as I yearn to be a weaver I am probably not meant to to be one. I’m definitely a freeform person and with weaving you have to be precise.


5 Responses to “I’m warped!”

  1. Louisa Says:

    Ruth, you have to explore saori weaving. It’s freeform! Main website is http://www.saori.co.jp/13english.html More links: http://www.saoriworcester.com/links.htm Don’t be put off by the fact that it is often taught to children and developmentally disabled — it can be simple or more complex. It’s also used as therapy but the results are very interesting.

  2. Dawn Says:

    I love the colors (colours)!

  3. Lisa Guidarini Says:

    That’s gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Love those colo(U)rs. Very fallish!

  4. Jan Says:


    My name is jan and i’ve just started an online gallery specially dedicated to showcasing and promoting craft works


    Your craft designs are really lovely and it would be an honour to have you on board.

  5. Marquita Says:

    This is so pretty!
    I loved the colours:-)

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