Up on the roof


Usually I only get dressed just before I leave the house but this week I have to get dressed sooner. I can’t wander around the house in my usual selection of nightwear. Finally , after those nasty winds we had last month, the insurance company has stumped up and given the go-ahead for us to repair the roof. We aren’t on a corner but the church next-door to us is set back on its plot of land, leaving our southern extremity exposed to the elements. Most of our rear hip was loosened with a good few tiles ending up on the drive of the church. Thankfully no one was walking or driving underneath when they decided to head earthwards. On inspection the wind had managed to get under most the front hip tiles and the ridge as well so we are currently surrounded by scaffolding and likely to come face to face with a roofer if we glance outside as we open our curtains. No more wandering downstairs scantily-clad to put the kettle on, or wafting into the back garden in my deshabilles, as my grandma called it, to feed the rabbit. There is danger of bumping into the roofer who has drawn the short straw and has to come through the house and turn the garden hose and electric power on.

While they’re up there, do you think they’d do a speedy loft conversion, secretly, and create a reading, spinning, weaving hideaway for me?


Ear Worms

Do you suffer from ear worms? I do and the only way to get rid of one is to introduce a new one into your head. Unfortunately sometimes the replacement worm can be more intrusive than the one it replaced. My colleague with the long-distance German girlfriend alerted me to the name of my affliction. In Germany those little bits of songs that you can’t get out of your head are called colloquily called “ohrwurm” or EAR WORMS. Yesterday it was a phrase from a song at the end of a film that I watched with my daughter, consequently my head was full of “let me play you a waltz”. I’m hoping for a remission today, or at least an intermission

Playing at being techy


I’ve been playing with my blog and experimenting with templates and pages. What I would really like is a 3 column template with a changeable banner not just a “coloriser”. Then I would like to be able to use the LibraryThing widget. I don’t think it is me. I’ve read pseudo-techy posts on the matter and whatever I do it just doesn’t turn up. So I ‘ve consoled myself by starting some pages. See the links to them at the top right of the banner/header.

I’ve also been uploading some of my Virago covers to LibraryThing to share with other Viragophiles. Oh my goodness …look at the time … I’ve got to get up in the morning …

Virago Mosaics


Girly trio


Isn’t it fun rummaging around all those old pics ? Pull the lever on my photo fruit machine and what do you get? Whirrrrr, spin , clunk. Is it three cherries …or three lemons?

Left to right, my mother (c. 1945) me (c.1977), my daughter (c.2006)

Aye, we were that poor (pronounced poo-er) . . .

Ruth & Clare in box

We only ‘ad one ‘at! I kid you not. This is the same hat that I was sporting in my previous post. The smile seems to have left my face now that sis has it. Notice how she favours the on the back of the head method in contrast to my tipped forward air of mystery methodology. In true sisterly fashion, behind the, ‘I couldn’t care less’ attitude, I know I am thinking my favourite ripost, “well I was born FIRST”.

Not only did the two of us have to share this hat, which anyone belonged to our father (not Our Father who art in heaven but our father who art probably pointingthe camera at us) BUT, if I can find the evidence somewhere you will be able to see that Ms Holloway No.3 will also have a share in it more than ten years later. Really!! They knew ‘ow to make ‘ats in them days.

How to wear a hat


The latest trend in blogland seems to be to post an old photo and confess that you don’t know how to wear a hat. I’m only going to join in with part of this fashion. I have posted the photo, probably taken sometime in the summer of ’59 judging by the inability of my sister to escape on two legs but I will not join those who say they know not how to wear a hat. For someone of such tender years I wear it well AND with a charming smile.

It’s strange how small the garden of our brand-new bungalow looks. To me it always seemed enormous and I was convinced that both lions and tigers lived at the bottom, not to mention the snakes.

Who’s next in the hat parade?

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