Playing at being techy


I’ve been playing with my blog and experimenting with templates and pages. What I would really like is a 3 column template with a changeable banner not just a “coloriser”. Then I would like to be able to use the LibraryThing widget. I don’t think it is me. I’ve read pseudo-techy posts on the matter and whatever I do it just doesn’t turn up. So I ‘ve consoled myself by starting some pages. See the links to them at the top right of the banner/header.

I’ve also been uploading some of my Virago covers to LibraryThing to share with other Viragophiles. Oh my goodness …look at the time … I’ve got to get up in the morning …


One Response to “Playing at being techy”

  1. dovegreyreader Says:

    I’ve been trying to create a banner heading for my blog for ages,wasted hours on trying to reduce it to the right size but always it’s about 3 feet too long for the page. When you’ve cracked it (and I think it requires a knowledge of pixels) please let me into the secret.

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