Yesterday’s haul


Don’t you just love those charity shops that still have some items at charity shop prices? This from my local Geranium Shop for the Blind. 30p per paperback. Admittedly most of the books were not to my liking but just as well really or I would have needed to buy a wheelbarrow or shopping trolley to take my purchases home.


Do you recognise any of the above? Any recommendations for which to read first?





2 Responses to “Yesterday’s haul”

  1. callmemadam Says:

    Well done! Better than Oxfam, where paperbacks are £1.99 each. Didn’t DGR rave about Eucalyptus recently?

    I shouldn’t moan about Oxfam as I bough the latest Sunday Philosophy Club book in there yesterday, hardback, for less than the paperback would cost. But I still think they charge far too much for dog-eared paperbacks.

  2. Harriet Says:

    I will be curious to know what you think of the Peter Carey — having recently read him for the first time (Oscar and Lucinda) I want to read another but am not sure which to choose.

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