Devine covers


No it’s not a typo or a spelling mistake just a nod in the direction of my inspiration for today’s post.

As usual I fell out of bed and turned the computer on before I even boiled the kettle. I used to have just one addiction but my self control is rapidly disappearing. You all know I can’t live without DGR but now my eyes and mind crave Stuck-in-a-book for his charmingly amusing and highly personal cartoons and Harriet Devine for well, I suppose just having the knack of posting about things that will appeal to me.

I popped over to Harriet’s this morning and she presented me with a Barbara Pym book cover in my favourite citrusy colours. You can see it top left in the picture above. Does it really matter what is inside a book when it looks like that? Instead of planning the remainder of my weekend I set off on a treasure hunt to see if I could find any more delightful Pym covers and just look what I found. I WANT THEM! There’s not a glimmer of foiled bling or an embossed aperture a la “Airport Books” in sight. There is no chance of these being mistaken for chicklit or even henlit which is a term I think I heard a certain MF utter on BBC Radio 4. I suppose they may verge on Bluestockinglit or perhaps even “OurVicar’sWifelit” (nod in the direction of SiaB) but I have a penchant for this sort of reading and I’m proud of it. It’s all a bit shabby-chic before it became chic.

There’s something comforting about worn loose covers and flowers from the garden and shopping lists. Its not a life I have ever experienced and I don’t have the relevant housewiferly inclinations but its one of the places I enjoy inhabiting when I allow myself to be wafted away by a good read.


And what about these beauties? Wouldn’t you be content if you had these on a slim bookcase in your study? Tall and slim with a slight Arts & Crafts feel or a touch of Bloomsbury?


4 Responses to “Devine covers”

  1. Dawn Says:

    I WANT! I LOVE Pym. Her stories are of real people doing real things, finding love the way we all do. They are wonderful, at what beautiful covers!!! Thanks for this post!

    PS…took weaving course with tiny Dryad regid heddle…and I actually am producing something…not perfect…but something! I’m beyond thrilled!

  2. Simon Says:

    Oh my goodness, how much do I want those Pyms?! You’re right, with covers like that, they could conceal the telephone directory and I’d be pleased. Especially like the top left one. I have a few of hers on my shelf, but none of them are attractive, except my old hardback Excellent Women. Also the only one I’ve read, not coincidentally.

    And two mentions in one blog! I’m a very pleased man. But Stuck In A Book himself has been sadly missing from the cartoons for a while – will have to get him back in soon.

  3. Harriet Says:

    Goodness Ruth I started blushing when I saw this. But I am so glad you have been inspired and what a lovely collage you have made of these totally gorgeous covers. The editions I have been reading have very boring old-style ones. Makes me want to rush out and buy all of these just for the covers.

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