Mid-life Crisis


I’ve bought a loom ! It was so close to me, about 5 miles away and expert weavers that I asked said it was a good ‘un and I HAVE just had a  big birthday and those of you who know me have probably been speculating for ages about how long it would be before I succumbed.


I’ve just been with No.2 son (my personal IT support) to dismantle and collect it. It took three and a half of us nearly two hours to dismantle it and load it into the car. The half person was called Oliver and wasn’t old enough to speak but still did a marvelous job of wielding screwdrivers and spanners and supervising the rest of us.


Now the beast is in the car. When I see IN what I mean is it practically IS my car. There was hardly space for G and me to drive the  thing home. As well as the loom I now have a loom bench,  shuttley bits and L O A D S  of yarn. No warping thingy but anyway I have to get it all back together before I can mess around with all that.


If you never hear from me again you you wil lknow that my disappearance has something to do with my new acquisition.





3 Responses to “Mid-life Crisis”

  1. Janice Says:

    oh my, oh my … so many months and years ahead for you in happy weaving … hope you write about it again

    quite a few years ago I had the dream that I might “make a living” with my weaving … ha, ha, that was a big joke, but it was fun trying. my son and I moved to a small island, rented a cabin on a farmer’s property, and set up the weaving studio in an old cow barn … bartered for food, and so on …

    your picture gave me lots of happy memories

  2. Margaret Says:

    I live on an island and have for 35 years and I make a significant portion of my income from weaving and knitting.

  3. dovegreyreader Says:

    AT LAST you are loomed up and ready to weave, well nearly.Very excited to see what you will start producing on this…I wish you’d tip me the wink when you get bloggy again, I’ve missed loads thinking you weren’t here!

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