On Friday I had to pop up to “Big Grown-up London” as it is known in our family. Even more grown-up it was for “a meeting”. Doesn’t that sound grand? I’m not keen on grown-up things like meetings but luckily it was a small-scale affair and I soon realised that although for most of the other participants this was their 2nd meeting they hadn’t got very far and I even found myself contributing rather a lot to the proceedings.

As this meeting was just north of Oxford Circus I found myself popping into a cut-price bookshop on my way back to the tube and picked up two volumes from the “really cheap –  bet you can’t find anything readable bin”.


This chirpy little volume IS about birdwatching and it ISN’T. If you read between the lines it could be about life as well. Just because you are unable to do something as well as someone else doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it and that you shouldn’t be proud of yourself. So you think you know nothing about birds? Simon Barnes begins by suggesting that you make a list of birds you CAN recognise: swan, duck, robin, magpie, pigeon. OK they’re obvious – anyone and everyone knows those. That’s the whole point. Start with what you know. Wait a minute that sounds like my English teacher speaking… So start with what you know. Once you have become intimate with the ordinary and common you WILL be able to recognise that something is rare. Anyway he doesn’t really approve of the twitcher mentality of ticking the rare off a list. He is more for appreciating bird-life in general.

I’ve almost finished this book and it’s making me want to put on a decent pair of shoes and drag someone out for a walk. Oh yes, that’s another thing, place is important but you’ll have to read the book to hear what he has to say on that subject.




Yes, I know. I haven’t posted for months now. I really don’t know where the time has gone. Theoretically it has been summer and I have been away for one week and then doing everyone else’s washing so they can go away and then washing it all again when they come back. The weekends have mainly been spent (in between washing) ferrying people around the M25 to drop-off points and then picking them (and their dirty washing) up a week or two weeks later.

As I have a preference for blogs with pics I have slung up an outside and inside pic of a bag I made for a good friend to wear to her eldest son’s wedding. Our children are all the  same age and we have been friends since the youngest girls were babies. She moved away and then on twice after that but still comes back to see us and drag me out for a walk and a chat. On one of those visits we went for a walk and ended up buying her bridegroom’s Mum outfit. It was quite unusual and with only a week to go to the wedding she hadn’t been able to find a bag to go with it. I’m not quite sure why I agreed but she chose several yarns from my stash and I plied them together to make something that would go with the outfit.

The bag took a while to make with a crochet dc body and a Freeform Crochet flap. then I realised that it needed lining and began to wish that I hadn’t made the flap such a freeform shape. It does have a long crocheted strap but in the photo it is tucked inside, so it could be used as a clutch or a shoulder bag. It took me most of Sunday and every non-working waking and some sleepmaking hours on Monday to finish. I had a very early lunch hour on Tuesday and popped to the Post Office on Tuesday to despatch the bag FIRST CLASS but due to the intermittent postal strike, or maybe just the usual service, thebag only arrived on Friday morning. Phew! Just in time.

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