Let’s Get Weaving

To start with, here’s a wall of “stuff”, most of it weaving but with a touch of crochet, knitting, spinning and dyeing thrown in.


And now my first piece of”wide-ish” weaving on my grown-up 4 -shaft George Harris loom.

There are 120 warps on this piece of weaving, all of them one-ply different coloured hemp from The House of Hemp.

The turquoise blue is one-ply hemp (exactly the same as some of the hemp used for the warp). the purple and blue is a ball of space-dyed, or random dubious “yarn” that happened to be lurking. By varying the depth of stripes I hope I have made this small piece of weaving look quite crafty and individual.


Do you remember my Bag for the Bridegroom’s Mother? Well this next piece of weaving uses the same warp as the blue/purple piece above with a weft of the remaining yarn that was four different yarns plied together to make a colour that matched the Bridegroom’s Mum’s outfit.

I really impressed myself here. I started the weaving with about 2cm of tabby weave, then changed to twill and back again for the last couple of cms to tabby. As this weft is thicker but looser, the coloured warps show through slightly so you can see a sort of shadow of coloured vertical stripes.


Finally using the very last of my 120 warp threads I chopped up some manky maroon cotton ties that I think had been made for a school show of some sort and wove tabby till I ran out of warp. This created a lumpy, bumpy, rustic, folksy piece in which the coloured warps are clearly visible.



One Response to “Let’s Get Weaving”

  1. ann Says:

    Three Cheers for the Weaver-woman! Ra, Ra, Raaaaah!
    After all the huffing and puffing, we KNEW you would do it!!!

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