Not only ONLINE but also IN PRINT

One of my favourite bloggers, DoveGreyReader is IN PRINT yet again.

If you live down in the West Country and strolled along to your newsagents on Saturday to pick up a copy of the WESTERN MORNING NEWS you would not have been able to miss the large illustrated article about her and her blog.  However, if like me you only dream about living in that neck of the woods then you will have to be content with clicking on the headline below and reading the article online.

Lynne is online literary legend

Saturday, November 15, 2008,

I first “met” Lynne virtually through an online book group that she moderated so imperceptibly that I was unaware that it was her group. After a year of daily chatting with her and the other members of the group, several of us spent a few days at a mini book conference at a Cambridge college enjoying talks, seminars and cocoa dorm parties with equal pleasure.

Then blogs were invented and most members of the group tentatively began their own, some such as DoveGreyReader, Random Jottings, Stuck-in-a-Book & Harriet Devine, with tremendous success.

I’m pleased to see the world outside the blogosphere recognise the contribution that bloggers such as as DGR (DoveGreyReader) bring to the literary world.


One Response to “Not only ONLINE but also IN PRINT”

  1. Simon T Says:

    Exciting, isn’t it, and I happened to bump into the lady herself at the Persephone Lecture yesterday!

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