My Little Darling has taken to padding about the house in a pair of old knitted slippers. So I decided to experiment with crocheting some and seeing if I could do it all in one piece. So i grabbed some scraps of wool and here is the result.

Start at the toe with a short chain (I did 7 ch) and crochet all round, doing several (2 or 3) stitches into each end chain. dc (double crochet) didn’t grow fast enough for lazy me, tr (trebles) were too lacy but htr (half trebles) seemed to be a suitable compromise between the two.

Keep adding rounds of crochet as the slipper creeps up the foot. KEEP TRYING IT ON.  Sometimes you will need to do the odd 2 stitches into a “hole” to allow the slipper to increase in width to take your widening/fattening out foot.

My feet are a UK size 7 and I continued till I had done about 13cm.

Then you will crochet down one SIDE of the slipper, under the bottom, then up the other side. STOP.

TURN. Go back down the side, under the bottom of the slipper, and up the other side. TURN

Keep doing this until your “working edge will meet itself UP the back of your heel. I will try to draw a diagram and load it later.

Allow the workind edge to meet itself at the back of your heel and slst the slipper together forming a seam up the back of your heel. If you pick up the “inside” stitch then you will forma decorative double rib up the back of your heel and the inside will be smooth and comfortable.

I then did 3 rows of dc around the opening where your foot goes in, missing a “hole” at each corner. Also added a decorative “thingy” on the front of the slipper.


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