Ruth in Wonderland

I don’t know about you but I’m still a bit of a child when it comes to stunning window displays. Yesterday I popped up to London and walked across Waterloo Bridge to see an exhibition by my boss at Somerset House and then afterwards just wandered slowly around a little of London. Maybe I’ll share some photos with you over the next few days.

Everyone was back at work after the break and it wasn’t a weekend, Christmas and Sale shopping seemed to be all done and we’re supposed to be suffering from the credit crunch, so the pavements were relatively uncluttered. Eventually I found myself in Piccadilly and stories told to me by my grandmother came to mind. She told of “the poor children” pressing their noses against the windows of the rich and being amazed at the sights within. They saw houses decorated like palaces, piles of delicacies and sweetmeats, the like of which they could never have imagined, all lit up by candles that cast a magical glow. It felt a bit like that when I caught glimpses inside The Ritz and marvelled at the windows of Fortnum & Masons and the Waterford & Wedgwood shop in the Piccadilly Arcade. So now I propose to present to you a magic lantern show of what I saw.





3 Responses to “Ruth in Wonderland”

  1. Harriet Says:

    Lovely pictures — what a great deal of art and creativity has gone into the making of these. But it is upsetting to think of those poor children, and even now I find all this conspicuous consumption, or at least the offers of it, a bit disturbing.

  2. lolita Says:

    wow, rufus! i love the photos! must get up to somerset to see that exhibition now that i’m back. hope you had a lovely xmas and didn’t miss me too much xxx

  3. dovegreyreader Says:

    Awesome, thanks, this has saved me getting on the train and looking. It used to be a special trip and very exciting to go up to London to see Selfridges Christmas windows, I used to be awake all the night before wondering what would be there.

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