This post should be considered a VCP (virtual care package) to UBC (University of British Columbia). TLM (The Loom Monkey, alias our middle child, is currently studying in Vancouver, Canada. Hints were made that he had been neglected. He spoke about a fellow student who had received a care package containing curly wurlies and battenburg cake.

The current economic situation has infiltrated into the household and after much thought we made the decision that postage to Canada of vital substances or the online ordering of a commercial student care package was not essential. Consequently we have decided to share, only virtually, our baking session of yesterday. On Friday a vast quantity of bananas was purchased in Kingston market for the sum of £1. A bunch was given to a woman in the same marketplace who expressed an interest but didn’t want a whole bucket-load. Quite a few were also consumed over the last few days by me, seven were mashed up to be included in these loaves of banana bread and three remain. The butter, eggs, flour, baking powder and salt were already in the house and the oven was shared with potatoes baking for Sunday supper.

So apologies, dear son, for not sending some real tuck in your direction but belts are being tightened madly and the head must rule the heart. If you are lucky there may be at least one loaf still lurking in the freezer when you return to Blighty in May, but no guarantees can be given.

There hasn’t been much baking in this house for quite a while. Our trusty cast iron scales became not so trusty and didn’t weight true. Yesterday the resident engineer tackled the problem by deciding to attach a coin to the lighter half of the scales. A 10p coin was exactly the right weight but due to the current economic climate it was decided not to waste good money and an old pre-euro foreign coin was found as a replacement.

So what’s next on the menu? Flapjacks maybe.


3 Responses to “VCP”

  1. TLM Says:

    This could only be more taunting if they contained curly wurlies.
    I hope MLD drops by to snatch one of these care loaves of you!

  2. lolita Says:

    i’m local! you should’ve invited me round to help consume all that banana goodness ;)

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