His and Hers Books


Our local scout group has a jumble sale twice a year, once in March and once in October. As there is only the church standing between our house and the scout hut we have no reason to stay away. Unlike the supermarket the scout jumble always has the same layout. Bric-a brac on the right, men’s “special” clothes to on rails to the left and women’s to the right. Tables in the middle have the usual heaps of clothes divided into men, women and children. And… in one of the side rooms… there are the books.

We didn’t go to the sale till almost the end , so our two bags of books came to the princley sum of £2. The other half did slightly better than me, as you can see because his two Ian Rankins have crept onto my pile. Not a bad haul is it?


2 Responses to “His and Hers Books”

  1. Harriet Says:

    I love these kinds of sales. I must say I like your pile better than the other half’s. Like your bookshelf too and you are right abuot taking the back off.

  2. Simon T Says:

    You got all those for £2! Amazing! Why does my village never have quality like that?

    And I like the little bookcase, it’s sweet.

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