Ready, Steady, Bake

You are only allowed to use ingredients that you already have …. and you haven’t done a proper weekly shop for months…

if you can bear to use some of your cheese ration you can make …



but you need to ensure that they don’t all get eaten while they are cooling


there’s an old tin of cocoa here – what can I do with that?

you could substitute it for some of the flour in fairy cakes.

ooh ooh! – I’ve found some flaked almonds

well bung those in as well

chocolate and almonds – nothing weird about that


18 chocolate almond fairy cakes

that’s 9 each

shall we have one now to see if they are OK?

maybe we need another notice?


One Response to “Ready, Steady, Bake”

  1. TLM Says:

    How much does it cost to ship warm home cooked cheese straws to Canada? The “No” sign should be removed when packed so I’m allowed to eat them.

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