Green grows the grass O!

It’s taken me almost two years from when our rather strange neighbours, who appear to have a dislike for anything natural, climbed over our fence when they knew we were away for a week, and chopped down all our climbers. They left the flower beds in a nasty mess and it took me many months before I could clear up the piles of murdered plants, let alone start remedial work.

In the interest of lower maintenance, I decided to completely redo the bed and have a straight border rather than a curved outline. This then meant that the edge of the lawn was in need of a rebuild also. Put together with the realisation that our lawn was more weed, moss and couch grass than actual lawn, it seemed an ideal tme to ‘redo” the lawn as well.Of course the thought is easier than than the execution. The hard physical labour of completely redoing the bed is over but as a result of a period of almost a year without gainful employment of the other half, funds for restocking the bed were non-existent. What you see is more re location than restock.

As for the re-greening of the lawn, my role has been almost wholly supervisory. The good old Loom Monkey (No. 2 son) couldn’t resist and took this task on. He’s almost half done but has been away for the last two weeks and will only be in residence for two days before he sets off for a final year at Durham Uni. I know it’s not finished but in a strange way I am enjoying that juxtaposition of new grass against half-prepared ground, against totally unprepared ground. This way I can fully appreciate that a lawn isn’t just there. Someone has had to create it, nurture it and maintain it.

Good work Greg. Oh, and in case you wondered, no I don’t speak to my neighbours any more. I take care not to go in or out of the house at the same time as them. That way I will do them no harm.


One Response to “Green grows the grass O!”

  1. dovegreyreader Says:

    Ruth this post tells me what I already know…you are a Saint… I would have done something very reprehensible to those neighbours by now:-)
    And Greg’s a Saint too, that’s a lovely bit of lawn.

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