Monday 02 April 2012


early in the morning

the roads are bare

the swarming march of ants

has ceased in the darkness

we move like

a speeding drop of water

on a windowpane

only a fox

sees us pass

an indignant look upon his face



Mon 26 March 2012

when setting out

on an expedition

it is necessary

to be well prepared

a drinking vessel

is essential for survival

though bottled water

or cafe latte

are a personal choice

ear protection

is also advised

to surround the aura

with a bubble of pre-selected sound

occupation for the hands

will soon be compulsory

to ensure

that manual dexterity

is maintained

Public Transport

may be utilised

for tasks that formerly

remained behind closed doors


Mon 26 March 2012


There is a time and place

for everything

My grandmother

would not approve

of the girl

who brushes her golden locks

on the 8.21 to Waterloo


Dust revealed

by spring sunlight

eddies and floats

from tresses to train

and selfish Rapunzel

removes fallen gold

from the brush

and deposits it

at our feet



Mon 26 Mar 2012


not all the station personnel

are friendly and welcoming

the passenger

who falls foul of the machine

receives no sympathy

from the man at the window


meanwhile on the platform

the station assistant

who we all suspect

is on the autistic scale


realeases his stream

of knowledge regarding

relief trains running

from Kings Cross

via Newark

on an unsuspecting newcomer


It’s that time of year

when blossom sprouts

from barest branch

bigger than blossom

substantial as a cup

the waxy magnolia

filters the spring light

we made a game

to spot a tree

scoring a point

for each

and should we

come upon

the one named Stellata

we’d give ourselves a four


a stream of golden daffodils

where once the filter beds

were clad in concrete walls


i watch the moving spaces

between the chestnut trees


it’s light now

when I leave

and make my way to home


I can see further

than my hands

across the street

and on beyond


and yet the air

stays chill

we clasp our scarves and jackets

round our necks


and wish we had

more layers

wrapping round

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