hand-dyed orange felt balls!
Now what can I do with them. I thought I could bung some silver wire through them and use the old man’s soldering iron to fix them in place. Life’s never that easy is it? Electrical solder isn’t the same as silver solder and his soldering iron might not reach the right temperature. Why is everything so technical? Far too technical for a dumb brunette like me!


I don’t actually knit …

or crochet this stuff you know…
It just sort of evolves in my hands ..or round my neck… or on my head!
Help.. this one has got me by the neck…… it’s worked in the same two yarns as the weird hat.

If you want to get ahead….

Then don’t get a weird hat like this!!!
I really enjoyed making it with two very fine brown & greeny brown yarns worked together… no pattern and a vague idea that it was going to be… beret/hatty shaped but worked from the brim. It’s strange .. beanies start from where the brim would be if they had one and berets and tam o’shanters start from the middle/top. Why?

Finally the Farewell Present is Handed Over A fly…

Finally the Farewell Present is Handed Over

A flying visit from the luscious La La Lady allowed me to hand over the very very long narrow multi -directional scarf that I hurried to make for her before her departure. Lack of luggage space meant that she didn’t have room to take it with her when she left but I’m hoping that the thought of some genuine wintery conditions make her
s q u e e z e it into her bag this time.
We all know that L runs a little warmer than most but even she has to wrap up warmly when the temp gets below freezing!!!

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