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Picture 83 click on the book to go to LISTBOOKS a great U-based place to buy and sell books.

The founder, Lee Penney explains:

I set up List Books to allow anyone to sell their second-hand books online. As someone who reads a fair number of books I was beginning to run out of shelf space and throwing books away after having read them only once seemed a waste, especially as they’d last for years. Going online I saw there were several places I could list my books but most either charged so much it cost almost as much as the book to list them or the services just didn’t work well. So I rolled up my sleeves and built a site to sell my books. Great for me, but not much use for anyone else. Besides, I also liked the idea of finding second-hand books I could buy (the services were limited and/or expensive again). So I set to work building List Books to give everyone the ability to offer books they no longer wanted.

The site is completely free to use and hopefully it’ll prove useful, if it does, please don’t forget to tell others! The more people know about the site the more useful it becomes (more buyers, more sellers). I make no money from it so have nothing to spend on advertising, it’s all down to you guys telling other people, grass roots marketing at its finest.




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