Time-travelling wife?


After a fantastic week in Porthleven the time to return to reality came.

We left just before 0800 and consequently had a really good journey with no hold-ups or slow sections of the journey at all.

The journey from start to finiah works out at about 270 miles so is just a bit too far to travel without a break.So it came to pass that somewhere well past the halfway mark I was in need of an interval to keep me awake and in one piece. Somewhere on the A303, just past Brigadoon we pulled in to THE JOLLY DINER.


The place was stuck in a time-warp or had we stumbled onto the film set of “Last of the Summer Wine” or “Carry On Something or other…”?

Sometimes the time must pass very slowly as the staff or management had obviously spent hours or even days creating the multifarious notices scattered around ….

“Our toilets are for customer use only – please use toilets at the bottom of the steps – Thank You”

“Please do not put hands on glass – these are folding doors”

“Only food/drinks purchased on these premises may be consumed here anyone found not complying with our request will be asked to leave. Thank You.”

“Would you please keep your children under control while on these premises. thank You”

….and my absolute favourite which I will now share with you:


No comment!


Dirty Dog?

dogwash-1dogwash-2Don’t worry. Your beautifully clean bathroom will not need to suffer a bit.

Just head westwards down the foot of England to the Gables Filling Station, Trevenan on the A394, north of Helston, Cornwall.

As you can see from the sign inside the garage there is a choice of washes for your four-legged friend: short, medium or long.

I’d be interested to see how this works. How is it any different from standing your dog on a garden table and hosing him down?

I suppose that the water is heated, is it? Is the water in a carwash heated?  Does the shampoo come out automatically rather than you having to squirt some from a bottle onto your canine companion?



A Date with Dovegreyreader

As I was heading west for a week in Cornwall I alerted Dovegreyreader. Not a lot of people know this, but she is an unofficial guardian for the west country and monitors the movements of grockles and emmets. An immigration interview was duly arranged in the fair town of Fowey with an initial rendezvous “in the top car park” under the shade of the trees growing in the grounds of Fowey Hall, author Kenneth Grahame’s inspiration for Toad Hall in his children’s classic “Toad of Toad Hall.


On the corner of South Street, by the  Parish Church, Dovegreyreader waved to Ann Willmore of Bookends and then of course we ran inside and I was introduced to her. If you have never been to Fowey, but are a fan of Daphne du Maurier, may I suggest you pay Bookends and Ann a visit. Be sure to take your sleeping bag with you because the place is stuffed with books by and about DdM. Bookends is definitely fingers over eyes and “la la la, I’m not looking” territory for those with a serious book-buying habit.

With not a single book purchased and the need for sustenance we found ourselves ensconced in a cafe with a pot of Earl Grey Tea and carrot cake. I glanced momentarily away from my cake and saw something hovering above DGR’s head. No, it wasn’t a halo though I’m sure many of you will join me in thinking that it would be fitting for St DGR, patron saint of readers to sport such an accessory, but a dove on the “Noah’s Ark Dental Practice” sign on the building across the road from our teashop. How fitting and surely a sign that I was in hallowed company.

dgrfowey72I have now had the pleasure of meeting Dovegreyreader on several occasions. Wouldn’t it be exciting if there was a membership card and you could collect a DGR point everytime you had a sighting of thhis delightful species? I’m not sure if I have 5 or 6 points now. Only 4 ( or is it 5) more and I reach 10. Will I be able to convert 10 ordinary points into one gold one? How many gold points do I need before I am allowed to take my sandwiches to work in a DGR lunchbox? Now I’m getting carried away and I must remember that I am a grownup or more or less an OAP because the driver of the Fowey Town Bus, who ferries clapped-out old crones back up to the “top car park”,  asked DGR and me if we had bus passes! Must dash as I need to pop out and buy a bottle of Grecian 2000 “because I’m worth it”.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

….and I love your covers!!!!

I love the movement, the vitality, the cleanliness…

and I’d love to feel you in my hands….

and see you on my shelves.

The Case in Question


So twenty-four hours after the bookcase came into the house and a lot of stripping and sanding, not to mention the sweeping up and wiping down, we now have a very useful small bookcase.

I was going to paint it but I decided that I like it as it is, with someof its battle scars showing.

A Case for books

Altogether we spent a grand total of £4 at the jumble sale. The books  (see yesterday’s blogpost for details) accounted for half that outlay. Another £1 was splurged on a bin bag of various bits and pieces and the final little gold coin was spent on a small bookcase that showed potential.

bookcase-duoLeft: A few minutes after a bit of an investigatory scrape                   Right: After about 4 hours with a hot air gun & a paint scraper

Oh yes, and I decided that the back of the bookcase was a later addition and should be removed.

His and Hers Books


Our local scout group has a jumble sale twice a year, once in March and once in October. As there is only the church standing between our house and the scout hut we have no reason to stay away. Unlike the supermarket the scout jumble always has the same layout. Bric-a brac on the right, men’s “special” clothes to on rails to the left and women’s to the right. Tables in the middle have the usual heaps of clothes divided into men, women and children. And… in one of the side rooms… there are the books.

We didn’t go to the sale till almost the end , so our two bags of books came to the princley sum of £2. The other half did slightly better than me, as you can see because his two Ian Rankins have crept onto my pile. Not a bad haul is it?

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