Too many words?

In the interview that I linked to in my last post, Rumer Godden said that she wrote by hand. She didn’t use a typewriter or word processor because every word should be chosen very carefully.  This morning I read a post by the writer Anne Holloway about a session she lead with a group of young writers and would-be writers. She asked them to communicate one word at a time, in the manner of someone who has a disability and has to use means other than speech to get their message across to others. I’m sure that Rumer Godden would have approved.


Treasure Trove

I’ve just spent a wonderfully calm evening with the author Rumer Godden.

I’ve just started reading the first volume of her autobiography and after my evening with Rumer I think I should read her children’s books.

One of them is called “Holly and Ivy” and the film “The Wish that Changed Christmas” is based on her book.

Steeper than it looks

The coastal path from Porthleven to Rinsey. That zig-zag part is    m u c h  steeper than it looks.

Yes, that’s where we’re going.

Whose fault?

Who needs to visit Easter Island – it’s all here.

the butterfly has landed

and so has this one

watch the birdie

message on the beach

the final   e a s i e r  stretch

almost there

cooling off in the sandbar at Praa Sandsbus ride for the return journey

back to base before sunset

Hornbeam Avenue in the afternoon

One of my favourite views in Bushy Park is this Hornbeam (Carpinus  Betulus) Avenue in the Waterhouse Woodland Garden

JAMMDI (Jane Austen Made Me Do It)

Just spotted over on a review of Jane Austen Made Me Do It

This looks like a suitable Christmas present for a few people.

the alchemy of smell

 the alchemy of smell
 an old powder compact
 breathe in
 and conjure up
 her handbag brimful
 her dressing table
 topped with tight ecru swirls

mouse droppings

what looked like
mouse droppings in the sink
turn out to be
dropped from a plate
of granary toast

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