How many days to Christmas?

I know that I’m not the first person to mention Christmas. The local garden centre is already unpacking Christmas decorations which seems a little premature but it probably isn’t too soon to start gathering ideas for books to buy for family and friends.

Grubson Pug’s Christmas Voyage by Jane Anne Hodgson, published by Whistling Cat looks like it may well be an ideal Christmas present that could become a family favourite to be re-read every year as the Christmas anticipation builds.

Whistling Cat Books is a new publisher, based in Oxfordshire, that “believes in nourishing children’s imaginations through amusing, engaging, original stories which are traditionally illustrated (hand-drawn rather than computer generated) and produced with care and attention to detail.”


He is swimming again …

“He is swimming again, dropping his head underwater and pulling with his arms. Once fully immersed he lets himself drift, feet paddling gently, using hands to steer this way and that. The water is clear and sounds of the world outside are muffled. They cannot touch him. Bright vegetation sways with the current, golden and soft, lit by sunlight filtering through from above. Far off he hears a voice, singing a familiar song, the voice of a girl. She stops singing and laughs. He pushes his hands out, then pulls them down, to propel himself forward. He kicks hard with his feet, catching silt at the bottom and it clouds around him. He cannot tell which direction her voice came from. He opens his mouth to call her, but it fills with water. Above him, maybe below, he hears a siren, its rhythms the same as the song she was singing. The water is dark, visibility restricted, his legs will not move and his arms are rigid by his side. The siren again, this time much louder. “

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