Just a Rumour


I’ve finally done it – set up an online shop for some of my crafty stuff


There’s not much there at the moment but instead of mucking around with stuff I think I should be productive and actually achieve something.

Phew! It’s hard work


Non-invasive decs ….. Frame cosies


So here are the real, felt versions of the non-invasive Christmas decorations, otherwise referred to as “frame cosies”.

I’m not quite sure whether this was an inspired idea or a very silly one.

Letters of note

I wonder how many people still correspond my letter these days? Once a computer dies and and backups have been overwritten all those emails will disappear, unlike a good old-fashioned piece of paper that can lurk in a drawer or languish in an old show box.

However, the wonders of the web allow us to view this website and read letter from the past. I think I will be adding it to my bookmarks.


Developing an idea …. non-invasive Christmas decoration

What if you were going to be away from home for Christmas? What could you take with you to ensure that your home-from-home would not seem bare in the festive season?


Voila – a  non-invasive Christmas decoration!

This is the prototype. Materials used here were a tatty old red paper napkin, a piece of scrap paper (for the leaves of unidentified species) and a large berry cut from a piece of sky in a magazine picture. As you can see, in the prototype, the side of the folded large triangle has been stapled, as were the leaves and berry.

I will now try a version made from red and green felt, with the side sewn closed and the leaves and berries sewn on with a couple of stitches. Or what about using  4 red fabric triangles with quilt batting/wadding sandwiched in between?

If my pictures and words don’t make sense then think about a photo held in an album by those triangular photo-corners.

Primitive hooked Teapot Mat


I’ve been thinking for a while that I should see if I can make and sell items on a site like Etsy, Dawanda, Folksy or Misi.

It needs to be something where I don’t have to go out and buy any materials so I came up with the idea of primitive hooked items. Whole rugs would take longer to make, weigh heavier in the post and have a higher price tag but many people who drink tea like to use a teapot and enjoy the look of the tea as much as the taste.

I have seen this sort of item described as “upcycled” because you add value to what is a somewhat mundane material. My teapot mat is made from a base of hessian which had been used as packagaing and strips of old t-shirt to make the design.




Ready, Steady, Bake

You are only allowed to use ingredients that you already have …. and you haven’t done a proper weekly shop for months…

if you can bear to use some of your cheese ration you can make …



but you need to ensure that they don’t all get eaten while they are cooling


there’s an old tin of cocoa here – what can I do with that?

you could substitute it for some of the flour in fairy cakes.

ooh ooh! – I’ve found some flaked almonds

well bung those in as well

chocolate and almonds – nothing weird about that


18 chocolate almond fairy cakes

that’s 9 each

shall we have one now to see if they are OK?

maybe we need another notice?

Love Poem?

I guess tonight’s
is going
a disappointment
compared with last night.

We didn’t decide
before you
went to work.

Beans on toast?

This is a poem (under your rules) but I don’t know it.

My other half has been in the role of househusband for quite a few months. Almost 28 years after our wedding and with no domicile children  we  now spend more time with just the two of us than at any time previously. We have just been on holiday together, and realised when we came back, that other than a few minutes in the bathroom, we spent the whole week practically joined at the hip.

Recent topics of conversation have included “what is poetry” and, mainly due to lack of funds, “what shall we have for dinner tonight?”

Yesterday at work, I received an email from my beloved that combined both those subjects. To those of you who regularly receive huge bouquets of red roses and flagons of scented substances those few words may not seem like much but coming from my outwardly unromantic old man those same few words were worth waiting for!

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