‘Write Way Up’

Seven poets perform new work, inspired by museum artifacts

I’m off to see the above in Leicester tonight. Why? Because my baby sister is one of those seven poets!!

3-girls450pixShe’s the smallest, I’m the tallest in this photo taken c 1967
(and I’ve just realised that she is clasping something that looks like either a notebook or a pencilcase)

One ordinary box…seven objects inside…and seven specially commissioned poets to take them out and bring them to life. Prepared to be wowed as live literature collides with music and visuals – and new voices make old things come alive. Handle with care and be sure to hold the ‘Write Way Up’ in this multimedia extravaganza. Directed and mentored by Kevin Fegan. Produced by Pam Thompson for WORD! This night is in partnership with Leicestershire Museums and will explore both artifacts and Olympic values.

I’ll report back when I get back from staying with one of my two sisters (see pic above) who both now live in Nottingham.


Where do babies come from?


or what I really mean is where do all these Summer 2009 babies come from? Everyone that MLD (My Little Darling)knows seems to be having one.     I made the mistake of making a pinky quilt for a baby girl and so in the interest of gender equality I had to make this red green and black one for a boy.

Just Hanging Around


Patch Things Up


My Reading Odyssey

Picture 49I’m really enjoying the stream of consciousness of this book. The thoughts of the protagonists wander in much the same way that mine do. However, I’ve not yet mastered the trick of keeping my mouth shut and many of my thoughts just come flowing out out my me sweeping unwary bystanders in their path. Those who know me just switch off but the ininitiated have been known to feel faint at the torrent of seemingly disconnected woords and ideas rushiing in their direction.

Having been educated in a convent there is much that i recognise in the images that James joyce puts before my eyes and ears but the distance of time and full-on Dublin culture means that here is also much that passes me by. I really should have a notebook on hand to jot down things that need a later explanation.

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