Stealing a kid from “Stuck”


There are some bloggers that just seem to be writing for me. Top of my list is Simon at Stuck-in-a-Book. He will insist on writing things that make me scream “me too” or, worse than that, I end up stealing borrowing snippets and putting them on my own blog. So here we go again. S-i-a-B’s posting today is about the other five books that Bloomsbury are going to reprint (the first is “Miss Hargreaves” by Frank Baker.

S-i-a-B had not heard of “A Kid for Two Farthings” by WoldMankowitz so finally I know something that he doesn’t. Phew! I’m more than twice his age so it’s about time that age won out over beauty. AKFTF is one of those books that I picked up a million years ago in a bin/box outside a shop (probably charity shop but who rememebers). Usually those bins contain nothing but dross or what looks like dross and to be honest my copy of AKFTF (as above) certainly looked like pulp fiction. it gave the appearance of being nicotine-stained even if it wasn’t. I was about 14, actually thinking about it, probably more like 12 when I picked this book up and it widened my knowledge of the world considerably, but in a very innocent way. I remember being appalled at the way pets were sold on the market because, although I was born at the tail end of the 1950s, I think I must have lead a sheltered life and been protected from some of the upsetting things in life. I also rememebr being fascinated by dealing in antiques in this story. If I remember correctly then there is a touch of the Lovejoys in one strand of the stories that weave together. So if you are up for a bit of magic, in an era before everyone wore jeans everywhere then stand in line and wait for the Bloomsbury reprint of “A Kid for Two Farthings”.


How popular are you?

Well, your NAME rather than you. Both my sons names have gone UP in popularity but my daughter’s name has gone DOWN.  If you want to see the ranking for the names of you and your family then pop over here.

Just for fun

Do you know your biblical references?

Go on, click on the link and give it a go. I managed 8/10 probably due more to luck and old age than anything else.

The N U M P bag

I’ve spent most of today making a N U M P bag (Network cable, Usb cable, Mouse, Power cable)
for G.

He saw my drawstring sewing things bag and decided that he would like a bag, made to a similar design,
to contain cables and other bits and pieces for his laptop. This cable-organising bag could then be
slung in his rucksack without everything ending up as a rat’s nest.

When opened completely flat, the sewing bag is a very large circle.


The  N U M P   bag, however, is made as a cylinder. It looks a little like a small fabric bucket.
The exterior fabric is black cotton duck. Black chosen to be masculine and the cotton duck because it is a sturdy fabric.

Inside the  N U M P  bag there are 4 pockets/dividers, each made from a different fabric. A really
organised person will always put a particular cable back in a particular pocket, therefore making it
easy to know where each cable is. Each of the pockets has a smaller pocket on the outside, two of
them wide and two skinnier ones which can be used for pens, pencils etc.

The bag has a circular bottom and a drawstring closure. There is a sturdy grab handle on each side,
and a loop so that the bag can be hung up on a hook.

Exciting News

I’ve just read some exciting news over on Stuck-in-a-Book. Bloomsbury have decided to reprint a selection of early  20th century books.  So in August look out for “Miss Hargreaves” by Frank Baker but make sure you pronounce her name correctly as “Hargraves”, she is very particular about that.  Miss H will be in a batch of 6 with hopefully more to follow. I’ll be sure to grab a copy because my old orange penguin copy is falling apart.

Under the weather

I can’t believe it. I have now been in bed for 7 whole days and am now halfway through my 8th day of incarceration. All that time i haven’t  had any strength at all to do anything include eat or use the computer. Anyone who knows me will find that hard to believe.

Is the grass greener on someone else’s TBR pile?

Whether you have 3 books waiting to be read or a giant range of TBR (to be read) mountains in your home it is always difficult to decide what to choose next. Now i am going to make it even worse for you.

Go to and search for “TBR pile” and you will find over 50 images of other people’s TBR piles.  Can you read the titles that other people will be reading soon?  Do their covers tempt you? Will you have to go out and get your own copy?. If those piles aren’t enough then go and do the same “TBR pile” search on google images. Oh my goodness! Can there be that many books in the world.

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