And it was all yellow !!!!

Yes my kitchen really is “all yellow”! I thought it might me a bit much for tender eyes so I have diluted it by taking a photo of a painting done by an old gentleman I used to know against a very small piece of the YELLOW.


Opposites Attract

… or so I’ve heard. Maybe this is how to ensure that socks remain in “pairs”? As if the socks weren’t bad enough I’ve shown them against my kitchen tabletop just in case you hadn’t completely taken in that I like citrus colours…

I want to weave!

Here’s my attempt at weaving on a card loom. I love citrus colours they are just so fresh and make me feel good to be alive. I have a lot of yellow in my house including my kitchen which is just the right yellow. I seem to remember it was called “April Flowers”. It’s looking a little tired now so maybe I should go along with a flake of paint and try out that machine where they scan a colour for you and reproduce it EXACTLY!!

A Whole Month! Where did it go?

Not really been doing anything much – a bit of this and a bit of that. Started some socks – one the reverse of the other but seem to have abandoned them for a moment. Maybe if I post a pic of them as a WIP it might spur me on. Also in the last week I started a pair of crochet slippery/socky things. I started with a short chain and crocheted round it increasing a bit as it grew up my toe. When it got as far as my instep I just crocheted back and forth on half the stitches till it reached my heel and then ss’d the “cast off” edge to itself to form a seam up the back of my heel. Clear as mud?

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