Just left port

Almost reached the 100 page mark in THE VOYAGE OUT (page 93) but not yet steaming along comfortably. I have yet to get my sea legs. I couldn’t read on the train as I was lucky enough to bump into one of “train friends” and chatted with her for the 12 minutes train ride. However, I did catch up as I very stupidly left all my keys at home and so had to wait on the station till middle offspring’s (Greg) train came.
So why didn’t I do some reading last night? Well I had this medieval dress to make… don’t even mention the word tension to me! Those of you who are possessed by a sewing machine will understand. Anyway before I could get on with that I had to be a guinea pig. That elderly wise crone, Ann of Corfe, now has a walking, talking webcam and just had to try it out. Yes, it works and I was able to see the result of Ann of Corfe’s magical powers. She spins yarns about being a hair’s breadth away from owning a bus pass BUT she looks to me as though she has only just moved up to “big school”. As the woman in “When Harry Met Sally” says “I’ll have what she’s having”!!


One Response to “Just left port”

  1. dovegreyreader Says:

    omg ANOTHER post!!!
    That’s good progress on TVO give yourself a pat on the back and go and dress for dinner with the captain.
    Have just looked and my word verification for this post is ipratme!

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