Thought for the day

from Jan Struther, the author of “Mrs Miniver”

” HARD words will break no bones:
But more than bones are broken
By the inescapable stones
Of fond words left unspoken.”

Having finished ASH of T in U (see previous posts) I needed to start something quickly so, like a drowning man, I grabbed the nearest object. I suspect that many of you carry out the same good work that I do, I rescue old green Virago books. And so it came to pass that as I was in desperate need , “Try Anything Twice” by Jan Struther lay in reach on a tbr pile on the hall table.

This book is a collection of writings that were published in various places including The New Statesman (where my 2nd son, Greg works), and Punch. If you feel like finding out more, then you can read the whole book online.

This is ideal “train reading” and so I am already halfway through and in very good humour. Who cares if the train is 5 minutes late, it just means that I can get properly started on the next piece and know I will be able to complete it by the time I’m feeding my monthly train pass through the ticket monster. Perhaps the train companies should dole out similar “in transit” books to keep us all smiling. Speaking of going to work by train, I love it most of the time. I have a group of friends that I made because we travel in the same direction at similar times. I even have a lunch date with one of them tomorrow. Mmm can’t wait, we’re off to Giuliano’s in the Apple Market. Pumpkin ravioli here I come.


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