Big Daddy & Big Brother

While Big Daddy is away in the Lone Star State for six whole weeks, Big Brother decided to come home for the weekend. So that means meals for four again instead of a rather civilized three that we have been reduced to for just over a week.

Much as I would have liked to avoid the dreaded weekly shop with Big Brother temporarily in residence there was no chance. Big Brother has a B I G appetite. Shopping done, most of it put away and a wonderful surpise, BB cooked dinner for all of us. OK it was his favourite dinner but I’m never one for complaining about the menu if it is someone else’s responsibility.

Are you wondering what the favourite repast is? Cheese and Potaoe Pie. Nothing fancy, nothing exotic, nothing complicated.

INGREDIENTS: Potatoes – tons & Strong Cheddar Cheese – tons OPTIONAL: Cherry Tomatoes

METHOD: Spud bash & mash the tons of potatoes. Mix in 80% of the cheese. Put Cherry toms, cut in half, face up in interesting patterns of top of potato & cheese mash. Sprinkle remaining cheese all over top. Put under pre-heated grill and grill till cheese begins to brown and bubble.

NO PIC – Sorry … all too busy eating…

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