Pandora’s Box or “I didn’t know I liked that”

My middle one has just introduced me to . On this site you can create your own “radio station”. You type in one song or artist and Pandora suggests other music that you would like and starts to play it for you like your very own radio station. You don’t even have to register to try this out, unless you want to save your station to return to at a later date. One small problem is that you have to have a US zipcode to take advantage of this so I’ve moved, well just acquired a zip code that I allowed my fingers to create randomly with my num keys. I wonder where Pandora thinks I live? Judging by my suggested musical taste at the moment, I am somewhere in the mid-west and just about to don my fancy boots and tip my hat on the back of my head.

Pandora came out of The Music Genome Project, a project set up to create “the most comprehensive analysis of music ever”. As far as I can see it doesn’t yet embrace classical, and some other genres, unless I am doing my searching in the wrong way.

Go and have a play with it and let me know what you think. I love it when you leave comments and after all this tidying and redecorating I’m desperate for visitors.


One Response to “Pandora’s Box or “I didn’t know I liked that””

  1. Harriet Says:

    I just got onto this — it is amazing — many happy time-wasting hours could be had here, for sure.

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