Tulips from Hampton


Just in time for Easter Sunday. I had a battle with my front garden last autumn and wore myself out repelling the hoardes of perennial geranium that looks so wonderful but every year attempts to annexe the crazy paving and encroach on the drive and strangle on our way into the house. It’s my fault. Ground cover, pretty delicate pink flowers, low maintenance. Hah! Only if you don’t mind it taking over the world and smothering everything else. It had to go I was determined that my arum lily and day lilies would be allowed to have their day.

The problem was that I was left with vast areas of bare earth so I thought some forward planning was called for and decided on tulips in “black”, white and pink. I can’t remember how many of each I planted but the pinks were in the lead and as they rounded the first bend the blacks picked up speed. Trailing behind at the moment are the whites. I do hope that I will have the pleasure of seeing them all flowering at once.

To complement the colour scheme I will show you something soon that when I saw a painting didn’t believe were real. I thought the artist had taken artistic licence too far. Can you guess what I planted?


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