Where I blog

Stuck-in-a-Book has been musing about where people sit when they blog. Well this is where I am, in the left-hand house, in the middle upstairs room. It’s not a room of my own, it’s just where the computer happens to be. I don’t actually sit at the window but my right eye glances out of it now and again.To my left is the door onto the landing at the top of the stairs and behind me are about 10+ years of my my husband’s company’s “books”. At the back of the house I have attempted to take over my eldest son’s room as a room of my own but it is proving harder than climbing Mount Everest.


2 Responses to “Where I blog”

  1. Harriet Says:

    Nice to be able to picture you there!

  2. Simon Says:

    Thanks for joining in, Ruth! And good to be able to put a location to the blog. Hope the room-conquering is successful!

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