Happy Birthday to me


                               Happy Birthday to me,  Happy Birthday to me!

Here you can see two of my birthday cards. The one on the left from “My Little Darling” and the one on the right from “My Personal IT helpline”.

One of my presents came from “My Baby Sister”, a brooch with three owls sitting side by side “to No.1 Owl from No.3 Owl” and a personally written explanation:

“Once upon a time there were three little owls. they lived on a branch of a tree. Sometimes they jostled for food but most of the time they got on just fine. One was clever, one was pretty, one was hard-working, one was loyal, one was funny, one was creative, one was careful, one was friendly, one was quiet, one could cook, one could sew, one could paint, one could knit, one was … hang on a minute, that’s more than three virtues – but that’s because these little owls were good at all sorts of different things and each one was something different to everyone they met. but the best thing about being an owl is that you can turn your head almost all the way round, so the little owls could always watch out for each other – and even when they were jostling for space or food, even if one of them had flown off somewhere else, they still managed to keep an eye on each other.”



3 Responses to “Happy Birthday to me”

  1. Simon Says:

    Happy Birthday Ruth!

    I thought the story was going to end “and there were two other owls as well”….

  2. craftypeople Says:

    Thanks Simon!
    It does actually sum up what my sisters and I are like. Having a brother/twin must have similar benefits. What I cannot imagine is being an only child, the main reason for us having three children both Steve & I are the eldest of three.

  3. dovegreyreader Says:

    Happy happy joy joy birthday for yesterday Ruth!

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