Technical talk – help!

 So, if I have asked you to help TLM and me with assembling the loom, this is the bit where we are stuck.

Q1.Do the chains hang straight down from the sides of this beam  or do they cross over the beam first, as shown in this picture?

Q.2. Do the “wires” from the two smaller rollers/beams hang straight down towards towards the heddles or do they cross over first?

Then we move onto the shafts and heddles, which I have just learnt can also be called healds.loom-d.jpg
The “eyes” are in different places on each shaft (if the shaft is the “frame” that holds the heddles and moves up an down, rather than the “slot” (like a lift shaft) that it goes up and down in.

The pictures show an oblique view and also a side-on view.
Q.3. Is it possible to put the shafts in upside down? How do you work out which edge should face up and which should face down to the metal lamms?

Q.4. Have these “eyes” just been put in randomly by whoever screwed them in, or are those slight differences in position vital to the working of the loom?

That’s probably enough to be getting on with for now. It’s Monday night so I must gather up the rubbish in the house and  put it out for the bin men. What a shame to be brought down to earth from all this lovely loom talk.


4 Responses to “Technical talk – help!”

  1. Liz in IA Says:

    Delightful project– more power to you! Today I shall step out into the barn to confirm the thought. but the chains, wires, cords wrap around the the shaft before the ends drop straight down to the harness frame; I don’t think you want them to cross, however, just lie side by side.
    Shafts upside down? If there is a definite difference in measure fom eye to frame edge, maybe; but if it makes a good shed, don’t worry about it.
    The eyes being staggered on the frames may be to keep the knots of the hanging cords from interfering with eachother. It’s also (my opinion) good for having the weakened part of the frame a bit off set.
    I’m speaking from memory since I haven’t been at the looms for many years, still hoping to get back to them one day when my responsibilities are all completed and gone.

  2. Jo Says:

    It’s just another completely new language thsi loom business, they look great but it’s the warping that puts me off, well just for now, maybe I’ll get sucked in eventually, great to see it coming together, can’t wait to see you get started.

  3. AlessandraLace Says:

    hallo, I know that this is an old post,but I need help for setting a loom with threadle, could you give me an advice about where can I find instruction?thank you. regards

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