The Loom Turns

Another weekend gone. Where? TLM (The Loom Monkey) is off to Uni at the end of the month and so he had a farewell barbeque with old school friends, friends from work and friends from church. This involved tidying the garden, removing clutter from the kitchen so it could become a servery area and of course going shopping.

So that was most of Saturday gone. After meeting everyone I thought it best for us to remove ourselves to the piano nobile with only a brief foray down below to provide lighting. I hadn’t realised how dark getting it gets these evenings. Our slinky lights in a tube hadn’t been out of their boxes since we had an impromptu family disco in the kitchen. The cousins from what I consider to be “oop North” but they adamantly insist is the East Midlands were staying with us and there’s a limit to how many Disney films you can watch. Instead we had a really cheesy disco. It was wonderful! If you know me you know how unlikely it is for me to rave about … well a rave. I just don’t do that sort of thing.

I couldn’t sleep on Saturday night so eventually got out of bed at 4 am and finished up the tidying up that TLM had done the night before. It was a bit eerie, all that there was to show that there had been a party was a dishwasher full of brightly coloured garden/picnic plates and bowls, loads of food in the fridge, including a ton of tuna, sweetcorn and pasta salad and the kitchen table turned 90 deg and pushed against a wall. So it only took me about 3o mins to empty dishwasher, turn table and bring the hidden clutter back to its rightful place.

I crept back to bed later and had a little snooze. The sight of tidiness led me to believe that the erroneously named “Dining Room” could really be tackled. This is where my 4-shaft, George Harris floor loom resides and since I acquired it I have desperately been attempting to clear the rest of the room around it. It’s rather like one of those little plastic puzzles. There is one piece empty and you have to keep moving everything around until it is in the correct order. Well now I have more than one piece empty after a trip to the charity shop and the filling of a large bin bag. But still the room is full. if I was brave I would post a pic, but I daren’t. Then I had a brainwave. If I turned the loom it would take up less space! So with great difficulty, I turned it 9o deg so that now it has turned 180 deg from the way we first put it together! So the loom turned. Unfortunately B I G is B I G whichever way, or in whatever light you look at it. I’ll just have to plod on with sorting all the other stuff in the room. Watch this space. What space? That’s the whole problem!!!


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