No Room at the Inn, B & B, Country Club …..

I can’t believe that I spent nearly two hours last night trying to find us a bed for the night of Sat 29 Sept. We are dropping The Loom Monkey off at Durham Uni and as its the longest distance I will ever have driven I have no intention of doing the journey in both directions on the same day.

Slowly I worked my way south from Durham, clicking with my mouse to see if I could find a bed for us for ONE NIGHT only.No room at the inn, hotel, ghastly looking motel. Nothing!

I was 110 miles from Durham, somewhere near Rotherham when I found what must have been the only spare bed in the UK.I can’t say I was ecstatic. Restover Lodge Hotel doesn’t sound TOO bad till you see the picture they were stupid enough to provide online. In its favour was that we could probably just slide down a motorway sliproad straight into the car park. I suppose you keep your eyes closed when you are asleep, so you don’t really have to look where you are staying, do you?

Something stopped me from booking online. I had found a B & B in Richmond, Yorks, about 35 miles south of Durham and it wasn’t possible to check availability online, and I thought that 1015 was just a few minutes too late to call, so I left it till 0815 this morning. Whoops, the delightful Jill was having a lie-on, something she doesn’t usually have the chance to do and muggins here just ruined it. “You won’t believe it, I’ve had to disappoint so many people over that Saturday night”. Oh yes, I would! Something is going on on that date. The government must have passed a new law that obliges everyone to sleep away from home on Sat 29 Sept 2007!!

But guess what? She had just had a cancellation the night before and we have a bed at the top of this very nice looking house in Richmond, Yorks only 35 miles, less than an hours drive, from Durham. Hurrah!



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One Response to “No Room at the Inn, B & B, Country Club …..”

  1. anneholloway Says:

    what’s wrong with Nottingham????

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