My New Best Friend




I know. I haven’t posted for a week or two but I have been very busy. I have a new best friend and hanging out with a best friend takes a lot of time not to mention the usual stuff like going to work, washing, shopping, cooking…

So who is she? Well this is an old pic of her. She’s quite grown-up now. rather than eating half the garden with her spade she has achieved her ambition of learning to like olives and now has a much more sophisticated palate.She is MLD (My Little Darling) and we have taken to spending a great deal of time with each other.


One of the things we have been doing is watching films. We are on a mission to watch everything that Jared Leto has ever acted in. I first encountered him in what I consider to be the scariest film I have ever watched, Requiem for a Dream. You may have read my post about that film earlier this year.


One Response to “My New Best Friend”

  1. Diana Says:

    I’ve seen ’em all and he’s fantastic in everything. But good luck finding “The Thin Red Line”. He has a small and very brief part but as always he is worth watching.

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