Slattern or Seraph?

After my steaming cup of tea, brought to me by MDB (My Dearly Beloved), I made my usual visit to DoveGreyReader. No mention of books this Saturday morning. just domestic stuff about removing cat’s stitches and vacuum cleaner bags. DGR confesses that removed from her appliance she has no idea which bags to buy. Surprisingly that is the sort of info that I do have up my sleeve when out shopping. So that set me thinking. Normally I veer to the slattern end of the domestic manager scale but in a few areas I am fully winged and haloed.

So I thought I might share a few of my virtuous practices with you all, and invite you to pat yourself on the back about your domestic management skills. So without further ado ….

  1. I know which vac bags to buy for my dust-guzzler and I write the date that the bag is changed on the new bag.
  2. I hang a spiral-bound reporter’s notebook near the kettle and have trained the WHOLE family to write down items BEFORE they run out. Unlike a friend of mine who tried to implement the same scheme, my family do not abuse this notebook by writing items such as Porsche, Viagra for Dad etc.
  3. All members of the family have been trained and adhere to my laundry system. Dirty clothes are placed in the correct place. (Training to retrieve correct “person pile” of clean clothes is still in progress).
  4. Recycling is well-organised and family adhere to implemented system.
  5. Rubbish putting out is organised and involves a 2-member team. To avoid fox scavenging I place bag(s) ready to go out last thing at night before rubbish day & MDB puts bag(s) out as he leaves the house early in the morning. Usually the foxes have gone off to bed before he does this so no mess.
  6. A Large HOUSE file/ring binder keeps all appliance purchases & repairs & building works bills & receipts in one place. I can easily look back to see when things were purchased / repaired / installed. This has proved invaluable when dealing with recurring drain problems with our water authority as I have a full log of all my calls to them.
  7. A large CAR file / ring binder does the same for road tax, MOT, insurance, services, repairs.
  8. Household Address Book. This little book is a treasure trove of trademan’s phone numbers.
  9. Composting container on draining board > bucket on patio where mixed with pet rabbit poo > compost bin at bottom of garden.
  10. Bulldog clip on back of front door holds letters ready to be posted.

So those are my seraphic ways. I am not going to share my slattern ways with you as they are too numerous.

Now it’s time for you to pat yourself on he back and pass on your ways of good household management.


2 Responses to “Slattern or Seraph?”

  1. dovegreyreader Says:

    We have a white board in the kitchen via which all household communication takes place from
    cheerio gone to Uganda back in March
    through to
    please buy me some Fairy non-bio washing liquid
    environmental health are calling if you don’t clean your bathroom
    next person out get milk
    next person going to Ikea we need a teapot
    next person in my car, it needs petrol
    Works like magic

  2. Simon Says:

    Oh My Goodness. I want to be like you when I grow up.

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