The Last of London

So here’s the last instalment of pics from my day out in “Big Grownup London,” as the childen used to say.

We emerged from watching the light installations in the subways around the IMAX cinema and started to walk across Waterloo Bridge

dsc07233from Waterloo Bridge, looking left


from Waterloo Bridge, looking right towards Blackfriar’s Bridge & St Paul’s Cathedral

dsc07235almost at the far (North) side of Waterloo Bridge, we look down to see our destination, Somerset House


after our visit to the Terrace Rooms, Somerest House to see Richard Bryant’s “Greater London” exhibition

we stood on the terrace and looked across at the House of Parliament, rising out of the cold January sky

dsc07238Northwards and slightly east and we found ourselves in Covent Garden where I looked down & spotted these colourful tables &  chairs

dsc07239Don’t forget to look up when you walk around town – you never know what you might see

I do hope the floor inside this inter-building covered walkway/ pedestrian bridge is more level than it looks

dsc07255There’s “Richard Bryant’s London” in the window of Hatchards, elbowing Diana (Mitford) Mosley’s “Pursuit of Laughter” out of view

dsc07254some more colourful changing lights as people began to head for home

dsc07253darkness began to fall and I made my way to Green Park, Vauxhall and eventually home.


2 Responses to “The Last of London”

  1. The Last of London « C r a f t y P … | Says:

    […] The Last of London « C r a f t y P … […]

  2. dovegreyreader Says:

    Ruth, we MUST plan a “walking round London with our cameras” day! Do you remember that day we were transfixed by the little windows above the doors somewhere? Was that London and the Carlyle house trip?

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