Just for fun

Do you know your biblical references?

Go on, click on the link and give it a go. I managed 8/10 probably due more to luck and old age than anything else.


4 Responses to “Just for fun”

  1. Harriet Says:

    I only got 5/10 and guessed several. You obviously had a better education than I did.

  2. craftypeople Says:

    Jumping Jehosophat – all those blokes whose names begin with “J”. I wouldn’t have liked to be a teacher taking the register at their school. And what about the names for the devil? I just picked the one I’d heard of. I’m a bit like that when I “do” University Challenge. If I say “copper” or “zinc” for all the sciencey questions then sooner or later I WILL be right.

  3. Simon T Says:

    Oh dear, only 6! I was let down on my literary references more than my Biblical ones… don’t know what that goes to show.

  4. Beatrice Says:

    Hmm, I got a 7, but while some of those seven I definitely knew I knew, others were lucky guesses.

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