Nump2 / miniNUMP

The NUMP bag created for middle sprog didn’t meet with the rapturous applause that I expected. Whilst my time and effort was acknowledged, the NUMP bag was judged to be too bulky, too heavy and even too capacious. “I could almost fit my laptop in there” was the verdict.

Earlier in the week I found some “kyte” material in my local budget fabric shop. It looked like rip-stop with those tiny self-patterned squares and the hand was similar. Only available in one colour, bright orange, I decided to splash out on the purchase of one metre. So Thursday saw me constructing a smaller, unlined version of the NUMP bag (N etwork cable, U sb cable, M ouse, P ower cable). Instead of different-coloured pockets I sewed a different colour label to the top of each pocket. This cut-down NUMP2/ miniNUMP doesn’t have the pockets on pockets for pens, pencils, mobile phone etc. The best thing about this new addition the NUMP family is that it fitted neatly into an A5 envelope. (Please don’t deride me for not knowing that an A5 envelope is really C5 or D5 or DL because I don’t intend to become a stationery expert at this late stage in my life).

The second miniNUMP was completed I marched round to the postbox and sent it on its way forgetting to record its likeness for posterity. So unless middle sprog obliges me with a snap I won’t be able to share its appearance with you.


2 Responses to “Nump2 / miniNUMP”

  1. middle sprog Says:

    It should really be called NUMP 0.2, and each NUMP bag requires at least a week of field testing.
    To be fair my laptop is rather small. NUMP 0.2 is small enough that it can almost be hard too put my hand in and pull something out, but this is ideal (it keeps the cables untangled). There is still room for my PDA in the main (power cable) compartment, but not my laptop.
    The bright orange colour makes it easy to find in a bigger bag containing the laptop, food, and scrunched up paper notes. I haven’t had a single tangle all week, but do feel like a magician pulling out my hankachief power cable, while everyone else tries to untangle thiers enough to reach the socket.
    The coloured tabs on the pockets are very important and more destinctive this time (nump0.1 had white spots on red along with plain red), but I wonder if it would be better to have the tabs on the inside of the pocket (some of them tend to fall inwards when the bag is opened.

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