Concerned mother

cycle65Middle child is on his way from Durham to home in London today BY BIKE. Not all the way. He caught the train to Middlebrough and will cycle approx 50 miles to York and then catch the train the rest of the way. Amusingly the route he will be following is Route 65, also the number of our house so everytime he sees a sign it should keep him motivated to pedal faster to reach No.65 and his bed.

He said he had planned carefully and allowed plenty of extra time. I never think my children allow enough time for anything. According to him he was expecting to arrive at THIRSK (halfway) by 1300 and break for lunch. Well at 1340 he had only reached OSMOTHERLEY which to me looks as though it is halfway between MIDDLESBROUGH and THIRSK making it only 1/4 of his whole planned journey instead of 1/2.

He said in his text to me that the second half is easier. I beg to differ. He still has 3/4 of his journey AND judging by the terrain of the North Yorkshire Moors it looks as though the toughest is yet to come. But what do I know, I’m just a concerned mother.


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