Is this a weed? What is it called?


Do you think it is this:        Creeping Cinquefoil (Potentilla reptans)


Another perennial creeping plant, looking very similar, both in leaf and flower, to a buttercup, but belonging to a different family, Rosaceae, and therefore also similar to a strawberry. Differs from a buttercup in having separate toothed leaflets rather than a divided leaf, and the flowers are not shiny. Creeps by stolons, rooting at the nodes, as strawberry runners.


One Response to “Is this a weed? What is it called?”

  1. Sue Says:

    Hello, thanks for your comment on my blog! And although it is quite hard to tell I would be careful in case it is Wood Avens which seeds itself like mad and is a menace in my garden! If it develops little tiny seed heads with mad fronds then it IS!

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