Where do babies come from?


or what I really mean is where do all these Summer 2009 babies come from? Everyone that MLD (My Little Darling)knows seems to be having one.     I made the mistake of making a pinky quilt for a baby girl and so in the interest of gender equality I had to make this red green and black one for a boy.


4 Responses to “Where do babies come from?”

  1. lolita Says:

    why are so many kids having babies???

  2. craftypeople Says:

    I’m sure that the mum who is 30+ would be delighted to be called a “kid”!

  3. lolita Says:

    i was thinking they were in your MLD’s age group ;)

    p.s. i got a DISTINCTION!

  4. Gregory Says:

    Why are they all baby girls too?

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