Time-travelling wife?


After a fantastic week in Porthleven the time to return to reality came.

We left just before 0800 and consequently had a really good journey with no hold-ups or slow sections of the journey at all.

The journey from start to finiah works out at about 270 miles so is just a bit too far to travel without a break.So it came to pass that somewhere well past the halfway mark I was in need of an interval to keep me awake and in one piece. Somewhere on the A303, just past Brigadoon we pulled in to THE JOLLY DINER.


The place was stuck in a time-warp or had we stumbled onto the film set of “Last of the Summer Wine” or “Carry On Something or other…”?

Sometimes the time must pass very slowly as the staff or management had obviously spent hours or even days creating the multifarious notices scattered around ….

“Our toilets are for customer use only – please use toilets at the bottom of the steps – Thank You”

“Please do not put hands on glass – these are folding doors”

“Only food/drinks purchased on these premises may be consumed here anyone found not complying with our request will be asked to leave. Thank You.”

“Would you please keep your children under control while on these premises. thank You”

….and my absolute favourite which I will now share with you:


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