Twisted Fringe

So here is the mini-rug with the twisted fringe. The warp is my own handspun. I gave it the tug test to see if it would be strong enough to be used as the warp. It was strong but quite  a sticky warp which proved its undoing – literally. So as I wove, the 100 warp ends reduced down to 84. You can see that by looking at the twisted fringe on the left where I began to weave. By the time I had woven to the other end, shown on the right, I had lost 16 warp ends. Amazingly this hasn’t made a huge difference to this primitive rug as the weft, mainly more handspun with the odd pick of of unplyed coloured rug yarn, is hairy enough to tolerate such discrepancies. I really only had enough of the darker handspun for the warp so most of the darker weft is short lengths which were short enough to be legitimately labelled thrums. Perhaps it is these very short overlapped lengths that add to the width of the rug at the beginning.


One Response to “Twisted Fringe”

  1. Shani Says:

    brilliant… best wishes Shani

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