Muriel Spark Week continues ….




Muriel Spark Week – Day 2


I have just finished reading my first ever Muriel Spark, “The Only Problem”. I am still digesting it but felt sure that I must have at least one other Spark title lurking somewhere in the house. I was just about to give up but just as I was half-glancing at the foreign language and translated shelf near the door, my eye dropped down to a slim orange Penguin, originally sold for 3/6.

So I hope to at least get another Muriel under my belt this week.

The wonderful Penguin cover of my copy is by an illustrator called  Terence Greer. You can see more of his covers, many for Muriel Spark books here. Enjoy.






3 Responses to “Muriel Spark Week continues ….”

  1. drharrietd Says:

    Excellent. I think you may enjoy Robinson as I have read a really interesting review of it.

  2. Simon T Says:

    It’s a much nicer edition than the one I have – there were quite a few reprinted in the 70s, when cloudy pictures of people’s faces were considered the best way to go.

  3. Lynda Howells Says:

    Hello are right it is Kingston that image!! I live in Putney! small world! I have just opened a small Art School for babies, children and adults in putney! lynda

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